Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Richy Gasquet (whoops!)

Hey guys, I did make an update yesterday, but I forgot to blog about it!

I made an update to Richy Gasquet's page. It must have slipped my mind because I was soooo annoyed by imageshack yesterday. Their site was running so slow, it took me forever to upload the eleven pics of Gasquet that I added to his page yesterday. Most of the pics are from tournaments leading up to Wimby (i.e., the French and the Stella Artois Championships).

Richy's a huge favorite in the Y! group and on the site. He's got the most luscious backside which is almost always highlighted by the white lacoste shorts he likes to wear. Richy is now the third player (joining Robredo and Djokovic) to have over one-hundred photos of their briefline goodness stored on the googlepages site.

I hope you guys like. There'll definitely be more Gasquet updates (Wimbledon and the Mercedes Open) after I cycle through my current list of pending photos to be added.

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