Thursday, July 10, 2008


Feranando Verdasco's page on the brflines site was updated this morning.

It was a HUGE update too, eighteen new pics were added. Go check them out!

Fernando is easily my third favorite Spaniard after Tommy (of course) and Juan Carlos. He's got a really cute smile and a nice bod to boot.

Incidentally, did anyone see the feature they did on him on one of those Tennis Channel shows? He showed the commentator his place, which was right next to his parent's house. I don't know if I could do that. Nothing ruins the mood more than having your parents do a spontaneous drop by while you're in the midst of wooing a beau. Anyway, while watching, I had two other thoughts: (1) his place is really tiny and (2) there was a lot of wood. Seriously he had some log cabin action all up in there-it was very Abe Lincoln. But it looked cozy enough and I wouldn't decline if he invited me in :))))

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