Monday, July 7, 2008

June's Top 10

Okay, okay I know it's not June but I want to make the Top 10 feature a monthly occurance.

Besides, it helps you guys get a sense of who's hot and who's not because the amount of pics taken is usually directly correlated to how well a player is doing on the tour or in major tournaments. The recent uptick in Marat Safin photos is illustrative of how well he did in Wimbledon, for example.

Anyway, the major news this last month is Novak Djokovic overtaking Tommy Robredo as having the most pictures on the brflines site. Really, this was expected with the rise of Novak Djokovic and the fact that he LOVES playing in those white tennis shorts. You guys know how much I loves me some Tommy, but Novak is no slouch either...anyway, the list is below. Also, threw in a gratuitous nakey shot of Verdasco just to picque your interest in the post :)))

Frank Dancevic is sort of an anomaly on the list. He had a ton of photos from the Australian Open 2007, but is a rather minor player. I suspect after July, the number 11 player on my list (Federer) will easily surpass him and replace him at least as number 10, but maybe higher. In the coming months I suspect Henman and Johansson to fall of the list as well. Henman is retired, so unless I find a bunch of archival shots, he'll be surpassed by up and coming players and Johansson just isn't a top ten player, so the volume of pics of him won't be enough, I think to sustain his position.

1. Novak Djokovic (120 photos)
2. Tommy Robredo (116 photos)
3. Richard Gasquet (95 photos)
4. Fernando Verdasco (58 photos)
5. Jarkko Nieminen (45 photos)
6. Andy Roddick (37 photos)
7. Mario Ancic (34 photos)
8. Thomas Johansson (33 photos)
9. Tim Henman (31 photos)
10. Frank Dancevic (28 photos)

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