Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Update and Wimbledon Live

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a brief (no pun intended) progress report on the flash drive calamity...

I recovered and formatted the code for the main page of the brflines site, so I'm a little bit relieved on that front. My next task will be to recover the pictures, which is the more time consuming and onerous task.

I'm betting a lot of you guys don't know that I run about three parallel systems to keep the site organized, one of which is an exhaustive excel database with the url for every picture I've ever posted on the site, meaning over 1100 urls! I will have to go player by player and go into the code and get the urls back. Hopefully, it's not that many :((((

On another more positive note, I shelled out the twenty or so dollars to watch wimbledon live on my pc. Okay, how is that the best twenty dollars I've spent in a while?!? I was watching the Robredo (heart) vs. Vliegen match this morning and it was brieflines heaven. They both were wearing briefs and it was like the camera man went out of his way to show Tommy Robredo bending over during switch overs and breaks.

The other reason I decided to buy the wimbledon live thing is that they promised archived matches. Hopefully I can download some of them and make some sweet vid clips for you guys. Anyway, that's it for today! Have a nice one!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Well kids, two bits of bad news and one bit of good...

First the bad news. I discovered this weekend that my flash drive where I kept all of the pics, page codes, and tracking databases for the brflines site is corrupted. It won't even let me access it as a drive on my laptop. So, I'm going to have to pause updates until I'm back up to speed and have re-established all of the back-end stuff.

The good news is, that by some minor miracle, I actually had the forethought to back up the drive a couple of months ago, so I'm not starting from zero. I did lose the page code, but I can get that from google. The biggest loss is the sidelines content, which I hadn't put up yet, and my Novak Djokovic subdirectory, which had dozens of pictures that I hadn't posted yet. Otherwise the URLs for the pics and the pictures themselves are all online and it's just a matter of me saving them onto the new hard drive I have.

I will continue to send pics to the yahoo group and insted of making updates will spend the time everyday, slowling building back my library of pics. When I'm current again (I don't know how long that will take), I'll go back to updating. Sorry about that guys!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Guestbook Responses (Paul from New York)

Paul from New York wrote in my guestbook on May 28th that he wanted briefline pics of Andre Agassi.

Paul, man, I would like some of those pics too, but I can't find any. I remember back in the day, when he had the long hair, he'd wear those (back in the day) fashionable lycra shorts. Then as he matured, he switched to runks. The pics above show him circa 2007 with the trunks on. I hope they'll suffice.

Thanks for taking the time to write in my guestbook!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Guestbook Responses (Mikey from Amsterdam)

I love reading the entries in my guestbook. It's kind of a turn-on knowing that so many guys around the world are into brieflines as much as I am...

One of the most important pieces of information that I get from the guestbook is who visitors want to see more of.

Mikey from Amsterdam wants to see pictures of the Greek national team from Euro 2008. I'm more of a fan of the Dutch team, but Mikey since you asked I looked into your request.
I posted some pictures at the top of this post of pics I found of not only the Greek team, but other teams in this year's tournament as well.

I can see why Mikey is a fan of the Greeks. Are they all wearing blue briefs under their shorts?

Dmitry Tursunov

Hey guys, I'm headed off to a conference tomorrow and Friday, so I'm going to do a double post today...

The first post is to announce that I added four pictures of Dima Turusnov to the brflines site this morning.

I heart Dima, except now that he's growing out his boroda, he's beginning to look a little mountain man-ish. Go to the site and check out his hot pics.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Richard Gasquet

Well I finally uploaded those pics of Richy Gasquet...

Imageshack is killing me this morning. It's taken me the better part of forty five minutes to upload twelve pics. That said, I did add those twelve pics to Richy's page on the brflines site, one of which is below.

Richy didn't do so well in the French--so let's hope he does better in Wimbledon.

Who's as excited as I am for Wimby? All those players in white....yummy.

Anyway kids, I hope you like the new pics of Richy. I know I do!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jeremy Chardy

I made a new addition to the website, Jeremy Chardy.

Four pictures of Monsieur Chardy made it in with the update, one of which is attached to this post. I was hoping to make a photo update to Richy Gasquet's page as well today, but imageshack is acting up again. Look for it tomorrow boys.

Well, it seems like I can't upload any photos to blogger this evening, so you'll have to surf over to the website to check this stud out.

A bientot!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tommy Robredo

Today's my last post for the week...

And what a better way to end the week then with a Tommy Robredo update? I added five photos of Tommy Robredo to the brflines this morning. (EARLY!!).

See ya!.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jonathan Eysseric

Barely legal.

Jonathan Eysseric is an eighteen year old tennis player from France who had a pretty good run at Roland Garros. In fact, a bunch of his countrymen had a good showing: Chardy, Monfils, Mathieu, Llodra, and Benneteau...

Anyway I put up a new page for Eysseric on the brflines site. I don't think the French Open tournament or the ATP expected him to do well, since they don't have any current ht/wt information for him. Both sites still list him as 139 lbs., which I'm sure isn't current at all.

I only have one photo of him thus far, but hope that as he progresses we'll accumulate more shots of him.


Florent Serra

Hey guys, another two update day...

The first update for the day is the addition of a single picture to Florent Serra's page on the brflines site. I hope you guys like it. The pic I added is also attached to this blog post.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sidelines Update

Hey guys! I'm going on vacay over the weekend. I will be thinking of all of you while I'm lying on the beach, working on the speedo tan :). I'm going to try and push out as many updates (while keeping sane) in the next couple of days.

So, to give you guys as much to look at and keep traffic up I've been working to bring sidelines up in a hurry. I added a bunch of soccer (or for you non Americans, Australians, and Canadians, football) pics and the soccer page is now up. You can either browse to the site via the right navigation bar on the brflines site, or simply click here.

Tommy Haas

Good morning, gentlemen.

I'm doing a quick daily update before I head to spin class :0).

I added two pictures to the Tommy Haas page on the brflines site. I hope you guys enjoy them.

Have a terrific day!

Monday, June 9, 2008

1100 and Counting!

The brflines site now contains over 1,100 pictures (1,106 to be exact) with the addition of the Novak Djokovic update. I've also added some functionality to the blog with expandable post summaries (cuts). So to test it out, I'm going to post the exhaustive catalog of players and number of pictures after the cut....

Read more here...

Below is an exhaustive list of all the players on the brlines site, and how many pictures are on each player's page. Have fun surfin' guys!

Acasuso, Jose, 1
Almagro, Nicolas, 4
Ancic, Mario, 34
Andreev, Igor, 7
Baghdatis, Marcos, 2
Benneteau, Julien, 20
Berdych, Tomas, 4
Berlocq, Carlos, 1
Berrer, Michael, 5
Bjorkman, Jonas, 13
Bogdanovic, Alex, 2
Bozoljac, Ilja, 1
Bracciali, Daniele, 1
Bryan, Bob, 2
Butorac, Eric, 1
Calleria, Agustin, 3
Canas, Guillermo, 12
Cermak, Frantisek, 1
Chela, Juan Ignacio, 3
Cibulec, Tomas, 1
Cilic, Marin, 2
Clement, Arnaud, 9
Coria, Guillermo, 1
Corretja, Alex, 1
Costa, Albert, 1
Dancevic, Frank, 28
Davydenko, Nikolay, 10
Dent, Taylor, 3
Devilder, Nicolas, 2
Djokovic, Novak, 120
Economidis, Konstantinos, 1
Federer, Roger, 27
Ferrer, David, 9
Ferrero, Juan Carlos, 20
Fognini, Fabio, 4
Gambill, Jan Michael, 10
Garcia-Lopez, Guillermo, 3
Gasquet, Richard, 83
Gaudio, Gaston, 1
Giraldo, Santiago, 1
Gonzalez, Fernando, 4
Grosjeans, Sebastien, 4
Gulbis, Ernests, 3
Haa, Tommy, 14
Hanley, Paul, 1
Henman, Tim, 31
Hewitt, Lleyton, 24
Horna, Luis, 2
Hrbaty, Dominik, 5
Huta Galung, Jesse, 6
Ivanisevic, Goran, 5
Johansson, Joachim, 1
Johansson, Thomas, 33
Kiefer, Nicolas, 5
Klizan, Martin, 1
Knowle, Julian, 7
Knowles, Mark, 3
Korolev, Evgeny, 1
Koubek, Stefan, 1
Kubot, Lukasz, 1
Kuertan, Gustavo, 1
Kunitsyn, Igor, 3
Kuznetsov, Alex, 5
Lammer, Michael, 1
Lapentti, Nicolas, 2
Lipsky, Scott, 1
Ljubicic, Ivan, 12
Llodra, Michael, 16
Lopez, Feliciano, 10
Mahut, Nicolas, 4
Malisse, Xavier, 1
Marach, Oliver, 1
Martin, Alberto, 2
Martin, Todd, 2
Massu, Nicolas, 4
Mathieu, Paul Henri, 14
Melzer, Jurgen, 1
Mertinak, Michal, 1
Mirnyi, Max, 19
Monaco, Juan, 4
Montanes, Albert, 1
Montcourt, Mathieu, 2
Moya, Carlos, 2
Murray,Andy, 3
Nadal, Rafael, 2
Nieminen, Jarkko, 45
Parrott, Travis, 1
Phau, Bjorn, 3
Philippoussis, Mark, 2
Popp, Alexander, 2
Popp, Torsten, 2
Puerta, Mariano, 3
Robredo, Tommy, 111
Rochus, Olivier, 4
Roddick, Andy, 37
Roger-Vassellin, Edouard, 5
Ryderstedt, Michael, 2
Sa, Andre, 1
Safin, Marat, 23
Sanguinetti, Davide, 3
Santoro, Fabrice, 9
Schuettler, Rainer, 3
Seppi, Andreas, 1
Serra, Florent, 3
Srichaphan, Paradorn, 1
Stadler, Simon, 2
Stakhovsky, Sergiy, 1
Starace, Potito, 1
Stepanek, Radek, 9
Sweeting, Ryan, 6
Tecau, Horia, 1
Tipsarevic, Janko, 7
Tursunov, Dmitry, 10
Vacek, Jan, 1
Verdasco, Fernando, 58
Vizner, Pavel, 1
Vliegen, Kristof, 2
Volandri, Filippo, 2
Wawrinka, Stanislas, 5
Woodbridge, Todd, 3
Youzhny, Mikhail, 15
Zib, Tomas, 1
Zverev, Mischa, 1

Novak Djokovic

Good lord!

There's so many pics of Nole all up in here. TZ (of the brieflines group) found a TON. I found a somewhat less, but we've all been sending them through as emails in the yahoo group. SO, if you're not already part of the fun, go sign up (read the requirements first so you don't get rejected).

Anyway, I did a supplemental update to the brflines site this morning, with a second player page stacked with new photos. Novak's page had fifteen pictures added this morning. I had to sneak a Novak update into the rotation, the torrent of pictures flooding in from Roland Garros would have been too much to add in one update.

Anyway, I know that you guys are as big a fan of Nole's as I am so I know you'll love the update.


Arnaud Clement

Good morning, gents. I added two pictures to Arnaud Clement's page on the brflines website. What are you waiting for? Go check them out! :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Julien Benneteau

Good morning, guys.

It's late here in Chicago, but I wanted to slip this update in before I went to bed. I almost doubled the size of Julien Benneteau's page on the brflines site by adding eight photos to it. It currently has 20.

Julien went pretty deep into the tournament at Roland Garros. And he's a Frenchman. The photo ops for Julien were pretty good and a lot of photographers got some nice pics of him in his white tennis shorts.

Thank goodness for the grand slam tourneys!

Friday, June 6, 2008


TZ sent out some waist band photos over the last couple of days via the yahoo group. I don't usually put up photos of those, so if you're not a member, you're missing out!

The top two photos are ones he found and the bottom two are ones I had sitting around on my flash drive.
They are: 1- Richard Gasquet, 2- Tommy Robredo, 3- Fabio Fognini, and 4- Novak Djokovic.

Ernests Gulbis

Hi guys,

Good morning. I added a picture to Ernests Gulbis to the brflines site. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Michael Llodra

Hey guys, just wanted to share some hq photos of Michael Llodra and the infamous Australian Open strip scene.

I've seen photos before, but had never seen hq ones like these, so I thought I'd share!

Take care.

Radek Stepanek

Just checking in quickly guys...busy day at work. I added two pics of Radek Stepanek page to the brflines site. Go check them out.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In Living Color

So I finally went into my rapidshare account and fetched all of the links to the small vid files I made for some of the players a while ago and that were available on the old geocities site. I believe one of the vids is Gasquet at Indian Wells (referenced in the picture above).

For some of the files that are too large, you'll need to join them with H-J Split (which is free in a million places on the internet).

To find the links to my files, just navigate down the right side of the brflines site and you'll see a list of active links.


Three for ToJo

Good morning, men.

I added three photos to Thomas Johansson's page on the brflines site this morning. So why don't you surf over and check them out?

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Next to 100!

Nole Djokovic is the second player on the brflines site to have an excess of 100 brieflines photos (105 to be exact).

I added fifteen more photos of him to the site this morning, including the one above. Oh, Nole, he's such a briefline lovers dream. The white shorts, the briefs, it all comes together with Djokovic.

By the way, imageshack is being a little finicky, so let me know if any of the pic links are broken (as opposed to just don't appear). Enjoy and have a great day guys!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Just this evening, before I blogged about my Bozoljac post, I added six pictures to Andy Roddick's page on the brflines site.

Andy's such a hottie, too bad he switched to the lycra shorts.

Is anyone else watching the French Open? So many hot guys wearing white. I saw some brieflines of Paulo, Julien, Jarkko, and Nico Almagro this weekend. So hot!