Thursday, July 31, 2008

Player Page Reformatting

As I alluded to in my two previous posts, I'm reformatting all of the player pages on the brflines site.

I've already done the following country's players:


I'm hoping to get to the Czech Republic today. It's the last country with a bunch of players. Then I'll start getting into the countries with just one or two players in them.

I've also found a lot of broken links along the way and fixing those so that you all have pages with access to all of the photos on the site.

Mikhail Youzhny

Hola muchachos!

I'm still continuing to reformat the individual player pages on the brflines site. But I did another update today. I added four pics to Mikhail Youzhny's page and fixed one of the broken picture links. If you are wondering what I'm reformatting, browse over to Mikhail's page. You'll see what the new page formats look like.

See you guys later!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Michael Kohlmann

Quick, small update today, guys.

I added a page for Michael Kohlmann, a german tennis player, today to the brflines site. It only has one pic on it, so you may not even have to browse over since I'm attaching it to the post. Never heard of the dude before, but mad props to TZ for finding him.

I'm re-formatting all of the individual player pages today and will hopefully finish by the end of the day, so I'll have to keep this post brief.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wayne Arthurs

Today's update to the brflines site is the addition of a page for Australian player, Wayne Arthurs.

I think he's retired, but I'm not sure. His profile pic isn't very flattering, he looks much older than his thirty some odd years. I guess that's what sun exposure will do to you. Remember kids, to always wear sunblock and avoid going out into the sun if possible!

Anyone watching the Cincy masters? I saw my boy, Tommy Robredo take Mardy Fish to school last night. He looks good too, chopped off a bunch of his hair and now it's super short--a lot cleaner looking which is always a plus for me.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Santiago Giraldo

Hey dudes, I made a little baby update this morning...

to the brflines site. The site is now has 1,240 pics of current pro-tennis players that you can see are wearing brieflines through their shorts, with the addition of senor Giraldo's pic. No need to browse to the main site to view the new pic because I attached it to the top of this post UNLESS you want to check out some of the more than 1,000 pics on the site.

Also, remember to join the yahoo group if you want access to brieflines shots of non-tennis players (TZ sent some good ones out last night) or access to the url's to download short vids I make of tennis players' brieflines.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

July's Top Ten

Hey boys! It's time for another top 10 list.

July's top ten players, in terms of number of photos on the site are as follows:

1. Novak Djokovic (120 photos)
2. Tommy Robredo (116 photos)
3. Richard Gasquet (106 photos)
4. Fernando Verdasco (76 photos)
5. Jarkko Nieminen (56 photos)
6. Andy Roddick (37 photos)
7. Mario Ancic (34 photos)
8. Thomas Johansson (33 photos)
9. Tim Henman (31 photos)
10. Juan Carlos Ferrero (28 photos)

congrats to nole, who retains the title for the second month in a row.

it's kind of weird that andy roddick is still in the top ten, given that he hasn't worn briefs in years. and i fully expect tim henman to fall out of the list by the end of the year, given that he didn't wear briefs in the last year or so of his pro career.

Andreas Seppi

and the brflines posting train keeps on rolling...

i added six pics of Andreas Seppi this afternoon to the brflines site. it's actually kind of nice making updates to a player who isn't from spain or france, which i seemed to have been doing a lot recently.

in other non-pic news, i'm trying to add more links/blogs/other content to the right side bar. let me know if there is a blog you manage/post to that would be a good match for mine. thanks

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jan Michael Gambill

Today, I added four pictures to Jan Mike's page on the brflines site.

The best picture by far is of Jan Mike modeling briefs. Yummers. But, I didn't post the pic on this blog, as an incentive for you guys to visit the website. :) So go take a look!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Frederico Gil

Frederico Gil is a player from Portugal.

He can't be completely random or unknown. I've got three brieflines pictures of him and as we briefline photo hunters know, you have to go through dozens of regular photos to get one briefline photo.

Anyway, I added the three photos of him to his own page on the brflines site. Even though I know nothing about him, he does have a cute smile, which makes me smile as well. Have a good weekend, guys.

Thursday, July 24, 2008



So I felt completely random and bored the other day, so I was looking at the feedjit live traffic thing on my blog and saw that a huge percentage of the visitors to the blog are from the U.S.

And I know for a fact that the majority of the pics on my site are not of U.S. players. That got me thinking (which is usually a dangerous thing).

I went back to my handy-dandy excel spreadsheet and analyzed, the top five nations by the number of players on the site. I converted the number of players into a proportion of total players on the site. I then counted the number of photos that the top five nations (actually six, since Germany and the Czech Republic tied at having the fifth most players) and expressed the number of photos as a proportion to all of the photos. I then added a number for the percentage of visitors by nation at around last Friday afternoon. And voila! You have a very interesting graph.

The top five nations are (in order):

1. Spain
2. France
3. Argentina
4. United States
T5. Germany
T5. Czech Republic
ROTW stands for the rest of the world.

By and large, the rest of the world is proportional in terms of the percentage of visitors to the site as compared with the amount of players and player photos on the site. France would be the next most proportional. The US has the most visitors, but not many players or player photos. No one visited from Argentina, Germany, or the Czech Republic at the time I made the graph.

What does this mean? Well, if I was making updates in order to bring in visitors based on players being a draw to visitors in their nation, that approach would fail for Spain, Argentina, Germany, and the Czech Republic. This blog does seem to have attracted the anglo nations, the US, the UK, and Australia regularly top the list on the feedjit widget. What do you think?

Juan Carlos Ferrero

I'm back from the PDX and I made an update this morning!

I added seven pictures of Juan Carlos Ferrero to his page on the brflines site early this monring. Most of them are from Wimbledon, I hope you like!

Have a good one, guys.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tommy Robredo

Okay I know I totally lied. I said that I wouldn't be posting for a while, but I couldn't help it.

If you belong to the Y! Group, go check your email. I just sent a link to download a clip of Tommy Robredo brieflines that I made from Wimbledon 2007.

Remember, these won't be posted anywhere but the Y! group, so if you want to see them and you're not a member, join up!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Novak Djokovic

Last brflines site update for today is the addition of pics to Novak Djokovic's page.

I added twenty one pictures to his page on the brflines site. I tried to include all the pending pics on clay courts but not for anything after Roland Garros because it just would have been too big of an update.

BTW I hate his profile picture on the ATP site. I'll be actively looking for one that isn't so washed out.

Have a good rest of the week, guys.

Jonas Bjorkman

The second update for the day is to Jonas Bjorkman's page.

The sexy mid-thirties Swede is still going at it. He's better known for his doubles play nowadays, most recently his pairing with Max Mirnyi was a very successful one. Although he's moved on to a new partner, he still knows how to show good line.

I added four pics, one of which is attached to this post.

Marcel Granollers (Pujol?)

I'm making three updates today, mostly to preempt a lack of posting for the next two days because I'll be extremely busy with limited access to the internet.

The first update for today is the addition of a new page on the brflines site for Marcel Granollers. The reason Pujol is a parenthetical in the title is that I don't know what his full name is. Sometimes he goes by just Marcel Granollers, sometimes the Pujol is thrown in.

Anyway, I only have one pic of the kid, so I hope you guys can find more.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I'd love to meet some of you other enthusiasts!

So I have to head out to Portland, OR at the end of the week, early next week for work. I'd love to meet some of the blog readers. So if any of you are in Portland and what to say hello! shoot me an email (

See ya!

Nico Mahut

The REAL update for today :0) is Nico Mahut.

At first I didn't get it. I didn't get why all the little tennis groupies were gaga over him. But the more pics I see, the more I understand. He's kind of got the boyish thing going for him.

Anyway, that's just my thoughts on it. If you think otherwise, feel free to leave a comment.

I added three pages of Nico to his page on the brflines site. Go look at them now!

Richy Gasquet (whoops!)

Hey guys, I did make an update yesterday, but I forgot to blog about it!

I made an update to Richy Gasquet's page. It must have slipped my mind because I was soooo annoyed by imageshack yesterday. Their site was running so slow, it took me forever to upload the eleven pics of Gasquet that I added to his page yesterday. Most of the pics are from tournaments leading up to Wimby (i.e., the French and the Stella Artois Championships).

Richy's a huge favorite in the Y! group and on the site. He's got the most luscious backside which is almost always highlighted by the white lacoste shorts he likes to wear. Richy is now the third player (joining Robredo and Djokovic) to have over one-hundred photos of their briefline goodness stored on the googlepages site.

I hope you guys like. There'll definitely be more Gasquet updates (Wimbledon and the Mercedes Open) after I cycle through my current list of pending photos to be added.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Llodra Vid Clips

I created a new, small vid clip of Michael Llodra from Wimbledon 2007.

And as I state on the brflines site, the link to these videos will be sent exclusively via the Yahoo group. So you know what you have to do if you want to be able to download it.

13 on the 13th

Hey there, boys. I added thirteen (13) pics of Rafa Nadal to his page on the brflines site.

So I know a lot of you guys are into Rafa, but I just don' get it. I know he's a great player and blah blah blah, but to me he's a total male butterface. I can't seperate the head from the body lol--but that's just my opinion and it won't stop me from posting the pics as they come in.

Anyway, on a happier note, the thirteen pics I added of Rafa brought the total number of pics on the site to 1,200. That's a lot pics boys and girls. So go t the site, join the yahoo group, and follow your briefline bliss!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Francisco Rodriguez

So I was checking out my email, and decided to read an email I usually just delete without ever opening...

Outsports, which is a nexus for gay athletes and athletic types, sends me a digest email every so often synopsizing the features on their site. It just so happens that whilst scrolling through their digest, my eye caught an item posted on their blog about a quasi-retired pro tennis player who recently came out. I never heard of the guy, but the blog site does link to the three page article that talks about gay athletes and tennis in the magazine OUT.

Outsports is a fantastic site you should definitely go check it out as well as read the very interesting article. Ciao!

Carlos Moya

The update to the brflines site is to Carlos Moya's page.

The two pics that were added to the site were from TZ's cache of pictures. So, thanks man! I didn't realize/know that Moya was an early spokesperson for 2(x)ist underwear, but gosh, he sure does look great in them. I do wear 2(x)ist from time to time, but now I have even more incentive to ditch the cks and buy more 2(x)ist (i'm a fan of the varsity no show brief :0)))).

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Feranando Verdasco's page on the brflines site was updated this morning.

It was a HUGE update too, eighteen new pics were added. Go check them out!

Fernando is easily my third favorite Spaniard after Tommy (of course) and Juan Carlos. He's got a really cute smile and a nice bod to boot.

Incidentally, did anyone see the feature they did on him on one of those Tennis Channel shows? He showed the commentator his place, which was right next to his parent's house. I don't know if I could do that. Nothing ruins the mood more than having your parents do a spontaneous drop by while you're in the midst of wooing a beau. Anyway, while watching, I had two other thoughts: (1) his place is really tiny and (2) there was a lot of wood. Seriously he had some log cabin action all up in there-it was very Abe Lincoln. But it looked cozy enough and I wouldn't decline if he invited me in :))))

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Daniel Nestor

And today's update to the brflines site is one half of the Wimbledon men's doubles championship team, Daniel Nestor of Canada.

One of the members of the Y! group was courtside to witness the amazing spectacle that is Dan Nestor's ass. He said it was cute. I would have to agree with that assessment (pun intended). Whenever I see pics of him (that aren't brieflines pics) he always has some wedge action going on. Hmm...I wonder what that means?

Anyway, go have a look. Enjoy. Be safe. I'm out for today!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jarkko Nieminen

Good morning, fellas. Today's update to the brflines site is Jarkko Nieminen of Finland.

It's a pretty big update, eleven new pics added, going back all the way to the Pac Life Open earlier in the year. I also made corrections to pics 15 and 16 (i think) that weren't loading when you browsed to the page.

Anyone who's read the blog knows that I'm a huge Jarkko fan, so I always make a special effort to find pics of him when I'm surfing the net for briefline photos. I guess that's why there's so many pictures of him, the volume of which is pretty disproportionate to his ATP ranking.

On another note, there was/is a chat thread in the Y! group about the championship game. I may download from the Wimby site and upload it somewhere else. Let me know if that's something you'd like me to do since it takes a lot of time to download and then manipulate it so that it's accessible to everyone.

Have a good one!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Paul Henri Mathieu

Gosh, what is it about Frenchmen that gets me all hot and bothered?

Oh yeah, maybe it's the fact that they love the white tennis shorts and almost always wear briefs when they're on court! :) Seriously though, I added eight new pics to Paul Henri Mathieu's page on the brflines site. Go check them out and love them.

I also fixed pic no. 6, which didn't seem to be displaying correctly from imageshack. And how much do you love pic no. 15, which is attached to this post? One of the best brieflines pic, EVER!!

June's Top 10

Okay, okay I know it's not June but I want to make the Top 10 feature a monthly occurance.

Besides, it helps you guys get a sense of who's hot and who's not because the amount of pics taken is usually directly correlated to how well a player is doing on the tour or in major tournaments. The recent uptick in Marat Safin photos is illustrative of how well he did in Wimbledon, for example.

Anyway, the major news this last month is Novak Djokovic overtaking Tommy Robredo as having the most pictures on the brflines site. Really, this was expected with the rise of Novak Djokovic and the fact that he LOVES playing in those white tennis shorts. You guys know how much I loves me some Tommy, but Novak is no slouch either...anyway, the list is below. Also, threw in a gratuitous nakey shot of Verdasco just to picque your interest in the post :)))

Frank Dancevic is sort of an anomaly on the list. He had a ton of photos from the Australian Open 2007, but is a rather minor player. I suspect after July, the number 11 player on my list (Federer) will easily surpass him and replace him at least as number 10, but maybe higher. In the coming months I suspect Henman and Johansson to fall of the list as well. Henman is retired, so unless I find a bunch of archival shots, he'll be surpassed by up and coming players and Johansson just isn't a top ten player, so the volume of pics of him won't be enough, I think to sustain his position.

1. Novak Djokovic (120 photos)
2. Tommy Robredo (116 photos)
3. Richard Gasquet (95 photos)
4. Fernando Verdasco (58 photos)
5. Jarkko Nieminen (45 photos)
6. Andy Roddick (37 photos)
7. Mario Ancic (34 photos)
8. Thomas Johansson (33 photos)
9. Tim Henman (31 photos)
10. Frank Dancevic (28 photos)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

David Ferrer

This is the second update in a row that a Spaniard is featured...

That's not such a bad thing is it? This is a country that has produced countless brieflines wonders like Tommy Robredo, Rafa Nadal, Juan Carlos Ferrero, and Nico Almagro, amongst others.

I can't take any credit at all for finding the update pics. The four pictures that I did add to David's page on the brflines site are solely the result of TZ's find detective work over at the Y! Group.

Thanks TZ and I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Nico Almagro

Hey guys, the update for today is Nico Almagro.

He had a nice little run at Roland Garros, so there weare a couple of more pics of him this year. I addded three new pics of him to the brflines site, one of which is attached to this post. I hope you guys like it and have a safe and pleasant Saturday!