Monday, June 23, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Well kids, two bits of bad news and one bit of good...

First the bad news. I discovered this weekend that my flash drive where I kept all of the pics, page codes, and tracking databases for the brflines site is corrupted. It won't even let me access it as a drive on my laptop. So, I'm going to have to pause updates until I'm back up to speed and have re-established all of the back-end stuff.

The good news is, that by some minor miracle, I actually had the forethought to back up the drive a couple of months ago, so I'm not starting from zero. I did lose the page code, but I can get that from google. The biggest loss is the sidelines content, which I hadn't put up yet, and my Novak Djokovic subdirectory, which had dozens of pictures that I hadn't posted yet. Otherwise the URLs for the pics and the pictures themselves are all online and it's just a matter of me saving them onto the new hard drive I have.

I will continue to send pics to the yahoo group and insted of making updates will spend the time everyday, slowling building back my library of pics. When I'm current again (I don't know how long that will take), I'll go back to updating. Sorry about that guys!


Anonymous said...

I am from Mexico and I really like your blogspot. Sometimes for me is more excited to "see" the lines of the underwear than to see the all package!
I hope you can post of differents sports. I like to see rugby players

Brief Lines said...

Thanks anonymous.

If you navigate to the brieflines website ( and look to the right, there's a banner that says sidelines. Click on that. I've got american football and soccer pics up with plans to add a variety of other picturs.