Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Guestbook Responses (Mikey from Amsterdam)

I love reading the entries in my guestbook. It's kind of a turn-on knowing that so many guys around the world are into brieflines as much as I am...

One of the most important pieces of information that I get from the guestbook is who visitors want to see more of.

Mikey from Amsterdam wants to see pictures of the Greek national team from Euro 2008. I'm more of a fan of the Dutch team, but Mikey since you asked I looked into your request.
I posted some pictures at the top of this post of pics I found of not only the Greek team, but other teams in this year's tournament as well.

I can see why Mikey is a fan of the Greeks. Are they all wearing blue briefs under their shorts?


Anonymous said...

Hej, You should look for more greek team pictures, these guys wear tiny bikini briefs totally see through under their white shorts. All of them have this wedgie issues, i've seen them in this year eurocup n they've got hot butts

Brief Lines said...

Hi anonymous. I definitely have followed up on your suggestion and haven't found that many great pics, yet. I'm hoping that once the fans return home, they'll upload pictures to sites like flickr and picasa. I'll do a search once I sort out my other technical issues. Have a good one, man.

Anonymous said...

I noticed those tiny blue briefs under the greek uniforms! Hot! I love seeing wedgies like they all have! Any body ever see them picking at them?