Monday, June 9, 2008

Novak Djokovic

Good lord!

There's so many pics of Nole all up in here. TZ (of the brieflines group) found a TON. I found a somewhat less, but we've all been sending them through as emails in the yahoo group. SO, if you're not already part of the fun, go sign up (read the requirements first so you don't get rejected).

Anyway, I did a supplemental update to the brflines site this morning, with a second player page stacked with new photos. Novak's page had fifteen pictures added this morning. I had to sneak a Novak update into the rotation, the torrent of pictures flooding in from Roland Garros would have been too much to add in one update.

Anyway, I know that you guys are as big a fan of Nole's as I am so I know you'll love the update.


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