Monday, November 5, 2012

R.I.P. Sidelines: Brieflines Site V3.0

Welcome to V3.0 of the Brieflines Archive. Breaking news: the Sidelines page is dead!

But, don't be alarmed, brieflines fans.

I re-organized the brieflines site last night and this morning to accommodate the growth of non-tennis brieflines on the site. Ultimately, when I thought about how to reorganize the growth of the pages that were hierarchically under the sidelines section, the current system of page organization didn't make sense any more.

The largest growth in pictures and athletes is in the pages associated with football (international and American). As the number of athletes added grew, the potential for the sidelines section to become unwieldy increased. This is why I deleted the "sidelines" page on the brieflines site and added a page for each type of football. I also have left the option open to expand to other sports like track and field and cricket.

Now, I don't want to upset my international readers, but I did have to create uniquely named pages for international and American football. This means one first level page could be called "football" and the other would have to be called something else, to eliminate confusion. Thus, international football pages are ordered under:

and American football pages are ordered under:

You should not use the sidelines address anymore. You will get an error if you do. Here's a scheme of the old (v2.0) and new (v3.0) organization of the pages.

Do you like the new banner on the homepage? :) I also added a navigation bar on the right for quick(er) movement throughout the site.

Let me know if this is a thumbs up or a frowny face.


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