Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nicolas Almagro

Hey all.

I made a pretty big update to Nicolas Almagro's page on the brieflines site this morning. I added nineteen pictures.

I'm always happy to add pictures of Nico. He's one of the few players that have forayed into the world of compression shorts and returned back to briefs. Good boy!


Loki Laufeyson said...

Hi, please please please more Nico pics! Please :))) Btw. I love your blog! Have a nice day! Jana

Brflines said...


Thanks for the compliment. Have you checked out the page for him in the brieflines archive:



Loki Laufeyson said...

Hi :) I did and it's PERFECT! The first one is (of course) amazing ;) Oooohhhh, look at my spanish cutie.. Well, fine ass, hmmmm... :*

Loki Laufeyson said...

Wow, thank you for those new pics!!!! Love them!