Monday, November 12, 2012

Have You Joined the Brieflines Google Group Yet?

Hi guys.

Just a friendly reminder to join the Google Group that is part of the online consortium of resources I manage (this blog and the archive site are the other parts).

"Why should I join?" you're probably thinking.

Well, I'm pleased to say that in eleven of twelve months since last October, there have been over 100 posts in the group (198 in FEB 2012). That's an average of a little over 3 brieflines pictures sent to your email address per day. Can you live without that briefiness?

One "small print" detail: you need to answer all questions (age, reason to join) before I'll approve your membership. Please attend to this. I'll not reject your membership but it will be in limbo until you provide this.

You can get to the group by clicking here.

See you in the group!


Anonymous said...

Nope! Nor will I.

I can't even see the messages in the Yahoo group and I've been a member for months. I sent an email to you about this months ago but you are too careless to respond or resolve there are plenty of folks who can't see or read things on there so not sure why you think we join any other group you start!

Brflines said...

I'm sorry you are having trouble with the Yahoo group. But, I am not an owner of that group, so I cannot address the issues that you mention in your response.

I am the sole owner of the Google brieflines presence: the blogger page, the google site, and the google group. One of the reasons I started a separate group than the Yahoo one is that I wanted to focus on athletic brieflines. So there is a slight difference in focus between the google and yahoo groups and a definite difference in ownership.

I hope you'll consider joining the google group. I'm pretty responsive about tending to membership requests. Also, google does archive picture files, so you'll be able to see all pictures since I started the group a couple of years ago.