Saturday, January 5, 2008

Michael Owen

I thought I'd use this lovely photo of english footballer, Michael Owen to make my weekly plug for the yahoo group. Here are three reasons why you need to join:

1. I usually use the weekends to find most of the new pics that will end up on the geocities site. I also find non-tennis pics (like the one above) that I also send out and that will not end up on the geocities site. If you want to receive pics like this by email, you'll have to join the yahoo group.

2. There's about a month lag between when I send pics out via the group and when they end up posted on the site. So if you absolutely need to see the latest and greatest pic of let's say, a
Jarkko Nieminen briefline, you'll get those as I find them via the yahoo group.

3. All tennis pictures that end up on the geocities site are sent via the yahoo group. You get all the pictures and don't have to deal with the data transfer limitation.

So go ahead and
join up already!

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