Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fracesco Totti

Hey guys, sorry about not making a post yesterday. I was dealing with yet another technical crisis!

Seriously, though, flash drives are the bane of my existance...

The one I use to store all my brflines information, including page codes, image urls, and the actual photos went dead. It wasn't because I didn't safe eject or anything like that. It just died.

So if anyone has any advice about that, let me know. Luckily, I backed up to my external hard drive on Saturday, but I did a lot of work on the sites on Sunday.

Anyway, on to more pleasant news. I'll still send out updates because I made a lot of those in preparation for my very long vacation next month. So, those are still programmed into google, so I can continue making those uninterrupted.

Today's update is the addition of a page for Francesco Totti of Italy to the sidelines site. Go look at them and enjoy!

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