Friday, January 16, 2009

Edouard Roger Vasselin

Crap. It is so cold in Chicago! But fear not, followers of the brflines blog and website, another update was made despite my frostbitten fingers not being able to feel the keys with each keystroke :).

So anyway, I added one new pic of Edouard Roger Vasselein to the site. You kind of have to look since he is sitting in the pic, but it's there.

Speaking of "Doud" as the fangrrrls are wont to call him, I was reading an account of a spectator in Australia that was watching a game he was playing against Lukasz Kubot (on the Men's Tennis Fourm). Apparently he had a meltdown and he lashed out at the ball kid. Here's what she said:

Unfortunately in the final set he also lost his temper he yelled at a ballkid: "La balle!" because he wanted to hit a ball over to Kubot's side of the court when it was Kubot's turn to serve.

La Balle?

Ouch! Harsh words, Doud, harsh words indeed.

I think if he yelled it at me, I would take it as some kind of amorous invitation, but that's just me :0). Ciao!

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