Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Football Player: Andrew Luck

Hello, men.

I have a special treat for you today. I added a new page to the brieflines archive for American football player, Andrew Luck.

Mr. Luck was an acclaimed college quarterback at Stanford, then had the momentous task of filling Peyton Manning’s shoes when he left Indy for Denver. And Mr. Luck seems to be holding his own (as of early November, when I drafted this blog post).

Anyway, since I’m more of a Southern Cal fan, I never noticed the deliciousness of Mr. Luck while he was at Stanford, but boy can werk a black jock under white pants! Love it.

Enjoy the twenty one pics that are on the page I created for him.


marcio said...

Yeha jocks rules

Corey said...

andrew is hot. noce blog btw.

Brflines said...

Thanks, guys.

Gotta say, Andrew Luck was definitely a pleasant surprise this season, both for his play on the field and for all the jocklines.