Friday, May 13, 2011

Sidelines: Clemens Fritz

Hey guys.

I'm doing my best to not only get pics of footballers already on the site (e.g., Jack Wilshere, David Beckham) but also to keep adding new guys. There are a ton of guys out there briefing it for the world to see.

Case in point, Clemens Fritz. I don't know anything about him besides that he's German and plays in the Bundasliga. But he briefs, and that's what counts.

There are two pics on the page I set up for him. So go check it out and enjoy!

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Peja said...

As always you are doing splendid work. Hopefully you will have seen the FA CUP FINAL at Wembley London today....Stoke City versus Manchester City..(Gareth Barry et al)...i reckon virtually all of both teams were wearing briefs...great through their white footie shorts!