Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sidelines: Alexandre Pato

Generally, I'm ambivalent by today's technology. While Facebook provides a pleasant distraction (mostly), Twitter is annoying, texting is lazy, and cellphones only mean that people expect me to pick up when they call, instead of when my friends used to call me on my land line and i just lied and said i wasn't home.

BUT, one excellent development is the webcam. Seriously, how else could you get down to do the dirty on video with a hot Brit or Irishman without dropping a couple thou just to fly across the pond.

Another excellent development is the uninhibitedness of some of today's younger athletes with this technology.

Take, Alexandre Pato, a hot Brazilian player for AC Milan. He's got pictures of his no-no out there--a result of a particularly hot chat session. I've had those before too, and you have to expect that if you show your weiner on cam, that it's on the internet forever.

Fortunately, I've found the pics of his wang, but unfortunately for you guys, I'm not posting it here or on the brflines site. If you want them (there's no face, just the weiner), email me. Otherwise, I've created a page for Pato on the site with five pics of him to start.


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