Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spain It Is!

I had a sneaking suspicion when I posted the blog poll inquiring which country had the hottest player that Spain would win. But really, I expected it to be a closer battle between France and Spain. Who knew it would be a blowout?

The big surprise to me at least is that the U.S. came in #2. I'm hoping that is because there's a bunch of Roddick fans out there. I mean I'm down with being an American, but really? Querry? Odesnik? Dent? Isner and the Bryan twins may be okay looking, but not hot enough to merit a second place finish.

But anyway, back to Spain. With players like Ferrero, Verdasco, Robredo, Ferrer, and Lopez, how could you not pick them to win?

And me? I voted for France. Just because I could.

Final tally:

1. Spain (40)
2. United States (13)
3. France (8)
4. Argentina (5)
T5. Croatia (2)
T5. Russian Federation (2)
T7. Czech Republic (1)
T7. United Kingdom (1)
T9. Germany (0)
T9. Sweden (0)

Thanks for voting everyone!

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