Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sidelines: James Milner

I've added another English footballer to the sidelines section of the brflines site.

I do have to give credit to a contributor on one of the bulletin boards I lurk on. His handle is Royal Blue. Did you look at all the caps he's made. The page I started for James Milner has twenty five caps. And those were just the brieflines one. This guy seems gaga over Milner. I mean look at the crystal clear cap of Milner in an England match. You can almost taste the legbands of his briefs.

I can relate. My obsession with Tommy Robredo is also pretty stalkerish.

I guess that's what makes me so appreciative of Royal Blue's work and contributions to our common interest.

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Peja said...

Hey thanks for that...we'll get you "converted" to the delights of soccer shorts and whats (usually)underneath eventually!