Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sidelines: Michael Dawson

The backpages forum was all atwitter in January with pics of Michael Dawson, a footballer for Tottenham in the English Premier League.

Someone had taken caps of Michael adjusting himself as he pulled his shorts away from his body and the tv camera got a pic of the base of his no-no.

While, I can't put that pic up on this blog, it is accessible on my site. So if you're a perv (join the club!!) and are interested in seeing it click on over.

If not, see you tomorrow!


Jay said...

I really wonder what the ratio when it comes to footballers wearing either briefs or boxer briefs... Got any idea?

Brflines said...

Do you mean when they're on the field or not?

Peja said...

Off the field most youngish guys in the UK wear boxerbriefs. On the field i'd say, through extentive tv watching that a majority wear briefs,,usually white!

Jay said...

@Brflines, yeah, on the field. I certainly prefer briefs for sports activities, yet still it seems more and more are switching to trunks or compression shorts of some sort.

But, Peja, it's nice to hear that maybe the majority is still wearing briefs :)

peja said...

Jay,There are televised football (soccer ) games on UK tv every week and the briefs lines are very obvious, especially if the team are wearing white or pale coloured shorts. Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United are all good wearers of briefs!!

Anonymous said...

I would imagine many more wear briefs.