Monday, February 8, 2010

Sidelines: Jay Cutler

So I know I'm supposed to root for my hometown Chicago Bears, but really? Really? The Bears stink. Sorry, Bears fans, but don't throw shade, I speak the truth. I've always been an Eagles fan anyway.

Is Jay Cutler the answer to the debacle at Soldier Field? Probably not, because he's kind of a hot mess. But I do feel his jockstrapped ass, so that's why I added him to the sidelines.

Check this pic out. There's fourteen more just like it.



Jay said...

I always wondered whether these teams actually are sponsored by the jockstrap producers... Do you know whether this is the case?

Brflines said...

that's an interesting question jay. i don't know for sure, but i think for pre-season scrimmages and stuff, players are more free to wear what they like underneath.

also, players like brett favre wear jocks sometimes that are different from what their teammates wear (his is black). i don't know if that means that he wears his own because he's a marquee player or .....?