Friday, August 14, 2009

New Brieflines Group

Okay guys, bear with me, but it's going to be a three post day on the blog. I wanted to announce that a new brieflines group is being launched today on Google.

I am a loyal member of TZ's brieflines group, which has provided thousands of you around the world with briefy goodness for years now.

But recent comments and opinions have largely made it clear that tennis pics are not appreciated and that the members wanted more everyday guy, candid type photos.

That's cool and all, but those kinds of pics are pretty rare. When you think about it, guys like Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, and Andy Murray get thousands of photos of them taken during tournaments like Wimbledon. So the sheer availability of photos make it easier to find tennis photos than candid type photos.

Then there's the issue of regular guys vs. sportsmen. I personally prefer the latter. But to each his own. Live and let live. So that's why I'm launching the google group, so I can focus sending pics of tennis players and other fit sportsmen to other guys who appreciate them too.

So, here's the link. To keep the spam at a minimum and possibly avoid a lawsuit, I ask for you to give me your age and gender before you join. Sorry, if you're under age 16, no dice.

See you guys in the group :)


Anonymous said...

The link to the new group does not work for me, any suggestions would be appreciated!

Brief Lines said...

Link should be fixed now. Try again.

Thanks for writing.