Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Richard Gasquet

I know. I know. The whole Richard Gasquet/cocaine thing. I never thought it would happen to Richy, the kid has the face of an angel.

But you never know. I was watching the tennis channel during Roland Garros and they touched on it. The commentators said it reminded them of the Jennifer Capriati meltdown.

What was worse was Rafa Nadal's suggestion that he hooked up with some chick who did a line and then tested after that, resulting in a positive result. Just thinking about hooking up with some coked out skank makes me throw up a little bit in the back of my mouth.

Anywho, I added eleven pics, but they're really eighteen since I replaced duplicates. So in addition to checking out the last eleven pics, look at pictures 51, 66, 80, 81, 125, and 145 (the image numbers are in the filenames).

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