Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Michal Mertinak (Yesterday's Update)

Hey guys, I've had multiple mini-crises for the last couple of days, some personal, some to do with the blog/site.

It seems like a quarterly event, but my flash drive got wiped out again. NEVER let your friends have access to your computer. They'll rip out your flash drive without the safe removal feature, and voila, hundres of megabytes of pictures gone.

Luckily, I backed up the drive on another hard drive on Sunday, so I only had a couple days of work to try and pull together. Unfortunately, I had gone on a picture hunt in the interim period when I didn't back up, so I don't know if I'll be able to backtrack and find those pics that were lost again.

Anyway, I did make an update yesterday, but the flash drive got pulled, betweent he site update and blog post, so I never got around to writing about it until today. I added one pic of Michal Mertinak to his site yesterday. Enjoy!

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