Friday, May 23, 2008

May's Top 10

Okay boys, last post for the day.

I did some cleaning up of the various spreadsheets that I use to track pictures and store URLs for the hundreds of pictures on the site. Ok, let me correct that, thousands of pictures on the site. After cleaning up the excel spreadsheets, I discovered two things: (1) I need to do a better job of keeping track of the volume of pictures on the brflines site because (2) there are over 1,000 photos on the site! To be exact, there are 1048 photos on the brflines site, and the count is inclusive of only tennis players. Amazing!!!

The ten players with the most photos of their brieflines are as follows:

1. Tommy Robredo (#1 in April), 111 photos

2. Novak Djokovic (#2 in April), 90 photos

3. Richard Gasquet (#3 in April), 83 photos

4. Fernando Verdasco (#4 in April), 58 photos

5. Jarkko Nieminen (#5 in April), 45 photos

6. Mario Ancic (#8 in April), 34 photos

T7. Andy Roddick (#6 in April), 31 photos

T7. Tim Henman (#10 in April), 31 photos

9. Thomas Johansson (#7 in April), 30 photos

10. Frank Dancevic (#8 in April), 28 photos


BeefingFraeulein said...

Have you seen Jonathan Eysseric play? He lost to Andy Murray yesterday. Very very nice.

Brief Lines said...

Hi Beefingfraeulein!

Yah, i did watch some of the Eysseric match. He's a looker isn't he? I read in Tennis magazine that they expect him to be the next "best looking" tennis player or something like that. They also said that Nole would surplant Federer as the next super champion.

Coincidentally, have you joined the Y! brieflines group? TZ sent out a couple of Eysserc pics overnight....