Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tommy Robredo

Oh, yes! A Tommy Robredo update!

He's been doing very well this year winning at Bilbao and at Santiago, Chile. Hopefully he'll be winning more tournaments this year and get thar ATP tour ranking back up into the Top 20.

Due to his on court success, he's had lots of pictures taken, and thank goodness, is still a Spaniard wearing briefs (I'm looking at you Nico Almagro).

I've added fourteen new pics of him at the brflines site, including some Oz Open screen caps. Go check them out.


Peja said...

Wow thats horny! always...thanks!

Brflines said...

Peja, thanks. Unfortunately I've noticed in the last couple of tournaments (Claro Cup, Costa de Sauipe, and now Indian Wells) that he's started to wear the compression shorts. They look ridiculous.